2020 is proving to be a very complicated year, presenting us with important and, at times, dramatic challenges on both a human and professional level. It is though period that cannot and must not stop us, prevent us from achieving our professional or life goals.

This situation of uncertainty has, however, left room for some certainties. We don't stop, you don't stop!

Thanks to our 20 years of solid experience in the linguistic field and the help of modern  and up-to-date technologies, you can continue to train, learn languages ​​to the fullest, solve your linguistic needs and grow professionally!


At this moment our teachers, coaches or language specialists cannot reach you in company and it is foreseeable that, even in the immediate future, there will still be restrictions preventing the carrying out of face-to-face courses, workshops, seminars or other types of linguistic training or live assistance.

No problem! The courses or assistance can be carried out remotely with excellent results, as well as other types of services.

We have decided to enhance some types of services to be at your side at best in this complicated moment.

Here's what we can do for you:


Are individual or group face-to-face courses impossible for now? DISTANCE LEARNING is an excellent and indispensable solution. Many of our clients have chosen to train remotely during this period and will continue to do so in the future. Modern technology offers a wide choice of platforms to use, the result is the same: greater concentration and better use of the lesson's time. We can organize distance courses of all types. See our tailor-made courses.


For many companies and professionals, the stagnation is only apparent. The offices are often empty, but in smart working many of us keep on working at an intense pace. Furthermore, some sectors are under more pressure in this period and requests for URGENT TRANSLATIONS arise. Our professional translators, mother tongue or bilingual, are working hard to ensure very fast delivery times, with the utmost attention to the fidelity and integrity of the text to be translated. We can translate texts of all kinds, in all the main European and extra-European languages.


Work habits may have undergone a partial change, but language needs remain! Whether you work or study from home or in a company, many professionals, managers or students need an INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION because the employer requires it, for a prospect of employment abroad or for study needs. Whether the need is related to work or study, our teachers can follow you in the preparation process for an International Certification exam even with effective remote lessons.


Never before has an urgent linguistic need to be resolved promptly, as in this moment! Our experts are at your side with any type of remote support: we can assist you by phone, video call or email. We can also collect your needs, hear your interlocutor for you and then report all information received to you. It is an extremely flexible service.

Call or write to us! We listen to your needs!