Moving to a new country can be stressful for you and exhausting for your family, and being stressed and worried is the last thing you want when you need to stay focused on all the priorities of your job and your family during the process of relocating and starting a new life in a new country.

No matter whether the stay in Italy will be short, long or permanent, Languages at Work offers an all-round RELOCATION service for foreign managers and their families, who need to move to Italy for work projects or other reasons. We will assist you with the immigration process (if non-EU citizens); we can help you find the right home, to rent or to buy, for you and your family, and we can assist you with the paperwork you need to live, work and drive in Italy.

We operate in Milan, Monza, Bergamo, Lecco, and related provinces. Call us for info on other destinations!

Tell us your needs and we will find your perfect place, somewhere that you can call HOME!



  • FIRST ENTRANCE: Nulla Osta request for EU Blue Card (highly qualified workers), with or without an accompanying family, and for work secondment (art. 27 quater and quinquies T.U.).
  • Assistance at the Prefecture/Police Headquarters.
  • Filling in and sending of the official postal kit.
  • Assistance at the police station, for the taking of the fingerprints.
  • RENEWAL of any type of permit of stay.
  • EU permit of stay for extra-EU long-term residents (Permesso di soggiorno UE per soggiornanti di lungo periodo).
  • Residence permit for extra-EU family members of EU citizens living in Italy (Carta di soggiorno).
  • Assistance with Consulates’ and Embassies’ applications.
  • Translation and legalization services for documents of all types.


  • Search for a new HOME, matching your requirements.
  • Prepare and share a shortlist of properties to visit.
  • Organise appointments at the selected properties, assist you during the visits and negotiate the terms of the rent.
  • Activate all the necessary UTILITIES for your new home (gas, electricity, telephone, internet, etc.).
  • Opening of a new BANK ACCOUNT and issuing of debit/credit cards.
  • Apply for RESIDENCY at the Municipality where your home will be located.
  • Looking for an International SCHOOL or nursery for your children and organizing appointments (if present on the territory).
  • Request your IT identity CARD, a residence certificate or other useful CERTIFICATES.


  • Identify the local Health Board Offices according to your new address.
  • Register you and your family with the Italian Regional Health Service system.
  • Obtain the Italian social security card for you and all the members of your family and the assignement of a family doctor/paediatrician.
  • Identify and provide useful info for your health needs and issues and those of your family (chemists, hospitals, private clinics and screening centres in your area, emergency number list, etc.)
  • Upon request: identify an English-speaking local family doctor and paediatrician for your children.


  • Find a driving school to convert (if possible) your driving licence so that you can drive in Italy.
  • Prepare and present all the necessary documents to the driving school to convert your driving licence (with or without driving tests).
  • Assist you in obtaining all the necessary info to be able to drive safely in Italy.
  • Identify a driving school that can assist you getting an Italian driving licence (not all foreign driving licences are accepted or can be converted in Italy, and, therefore, you may need to study for and pass an oral examination and then a driving test).


Living and working in Italy on a mid-to-long-term period also means need to learn Italian. You will soon discover that not many people in Italy speak English very well – or any other foreign language, for that matter!

Living in Milan, you will come into touch with an entirely new culture. You will need to learn and get used to new customs and habits, some specific to the city and others to Italy as a whole. Sometimes when interacting with people of different cultures you may not be sure that you are doing or saying the right thing, nor how to fix the situation, if you unfortunately put your foot in it. The more familiar you are with your new surroundings, the greater is at ease you will be when relating with other people at work and in your social life.

Of course, you will have to find time to relax and spend some quality time with your friends or family. You will be able to sample exciting new foods and drinks, discover the historical treasures of this beautiful city and explore its world-famous fashion district.


We can take care of your Italian training lessons, whatever are your needs or goals. Some solutions:
  • Individual or small group lessons (distance or face to-face language courses + guided self-study).
  • Full immersion solutions (up to 4 hours of daily lessons).
  • We will offer you an in-depth insight into cultural customs, religion and traditions, providing individual support or organising group seminars, e.g.:
  • Developing cross cultural relationships.
  • Cultural awareness and communicating with other nationalities.
  • Culture and etiquette of doing business in different countries.
  • Working in multi-cultural teams.


Last, but not least, upon request, we will prepare an essential and updated reference guide list for you on:
  • What to do and see in Milan (art, parks and other places of interest).
  • Where to go and what to see not far from Milan or in the rest of Italy (art and nature).
  • Shopping destinations, to discover the various shopping districts of the town! The city of Milan is internationally recognised as one of the world's most important fashion capitals.
  • Where and what to eat (famous and typical restaurants, local food and traditions).
  • Do you play sports? We will find a gym or a place where you will be able to keep on enjoying your game of choice!

Anything else? Just ask!