More than simple language courses, Languages at Work offers an integrated approach to the foreign language, where learning meets direct experience with the end goal of fostering cross-cultural communication skills. We analyze your needs and design a tailor-made training program; our language courses are complemented by interactive modules and language services designed specifically for you.



We organize language and culture courses in the major European, non-European and Italian language ​​as a foreigner or second language. Our programmes are suitable for both individual and group courses, up to a recommended maximum of 4-6 people. Our courses are held all year round and timetables are flexible. You will not find an exhaustive list of our courses on this page, because we build them ad hoc on your needs! All courses are also available with the DISTANCE LEARNING formula!


  • Made-to-measure and objective-centred plans
  • Courses aimed at developing soft skills
  • Specialised and professional programmes
  • Full immersion plans
  • Conversation courses
  • International examination preparation courses


  • In-company Courses
  • Distance learning courses
  • Classroom courses
  • Study holidays

Our TOP SELLERS include



LEAN and EFFECTIVE 15 hours courses for small groups of 4 people! A language course does not necessarily have to last 30/40 hours, if you don't start from scratch with English and you have a level close to B1, these courses are definitely for you. The development aims at a quick relaunch of the knowledge of the English language, whether the need is to apply it at work or in everyday life. The teaching aims at a rapid refresh of everything necessary to acquire or re-acquire a good level of confidence in speech and writing.



These STIMULATING LESSONS for SMALL GROUPS, perfect remote or live, will tangibly increase your speaking skills on every occasion! They are available in SINGLE-LESSONS of 1.5 or 2 hours, with a focus on the debate among the participants, or in a MULTIPLE MEETING formula to get to master a specific area of ​​discussion. The teacher, using original material relating to the professional, social and economic reality we live in, will stimulate discussion among the participants.


For business managers and professionals who need to learn to neatly express themselves or improve their fluency on the PHONE with customers, suppliers or partners and to write EMAIL, PRESENTATIONS, financial REPORTS, etc. correctly and effectively. The course is designed for various levels of knowledge of the language, from beginner to advanced, and provides all the tools and terminology useful for both networking conversations or writing work texts. The course, individual or group, is in great demand in English.



TELEPHONE TRAINING is an effective training formula all via telephone. This methodology allows maximum flexibility in course planning. This course formula is suitable for everyone and is in great demand by professionals who already have a good grasp of the target language, but who, due to work commitments, are unable to schedule an office-based course. Emphasis is placed on speaking, listening skills and vocabulary building.

Ready to fly? Specialised course for Aviation!

Languages at Work has been offering specialised courses for aviation since October 2017.

These ENGLISH language courses are designed for air traffic controllers and pilots who need to reach ICAO Level 4 or 5. The focus is on learning the necessary specialised vocabulary, listening comprehension and speaking skills.

The courses are held by an Aviation English Rating certified expert. They can be held throughout Italy via Skype.

Tell us your goals, we will design for you the perfect tailor made course!