TELEPHONE TRAINING has been the forerunner of the nowadays highly requested distance learning formulas through various audio/video platforms. It is widely used by managers and professionals who, due to their job tasks, are often traveling or away from home, or by people who prefer the comfort of their home to follow a lesson, rather than having to go to the classroom.

Our Telephone Training is available in ENGLISH (the most requested of all languages), FRENCH, GERMAN and SPANISH languages.


  • Goals: set before the start of the course with the teacher, whether your needs are work-related or personal, our teachers will be able to accompany you during the lessons until your goals are achieved.
  • Duration: we offer 3 basic packages, essentially the most requested formulas, which are highly customizable. Furthermore, other packages can be studied ad-hoc, according to personal needs. Lessons are 30' long and not 1 hour as the telephone conversation is in itself leaner, faster and more concentrated. Furthermore, this duration allows for greater flexibility in planning lessons.
  • Level: the minimum level to choose a course in Telephone Training is A2.
  • Didactics: the topics covered durening the lessons can vary, in accordance with the objectives set for the course and adapted to the needs of the student. A professional or a business manager may need to enhance fluency on the phone or train some skills related to their sector, precisely because much of their work is done on the phone. Or the need may be, for example, to learn to get by during a trip or in everyday life abroad.
  • Teachers: a maximum of two teachers will alternate throughout the course to ensure didactic continuity and the effectiveness of the course. Even one teacher can be entirely dedicated to the course.


  • 15 hours of 30 minutes
  • 20 hours of 30 minutes
  • 30 hours of 30 minutes

Obviously it is possible to customize the packages according to your needs (more hours, fewer hours, different topics, etc.)