Our services are mainly aimed at COMPANIES that already carry out their business in the international market, or aiming to expand it beyond the Italian borders, to PROFESSIONALS who need to deepen their knowledge of one or more languages ​​to grow their business abroad, or for specific needs in the professional field, and to PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS wishing to improve their command of a foreign language for the most different reasons (international certifications, tourism, etc.).

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We have a basic pool of 40 certified teachers and professional coaches located throughout the national territory, in particular, for face-to-face lessons, in the provinces of Milan, Lodi, Pavia, Turin, Trento, Verona, Piacenza, Rome and Naples. But we can reach you anywhere, with distance learning or by finding the most suitable teacher or coach for your needs, wherever you are!

We organize Language courses and Italian Courses for foreigners, preparatory courses for International Certifications' exams, as well as Workshops and Seminars and Managerial Training all our training services can perfectly meet the needs of every business, professional or private individual. We have been collaborating for years with AICE and Quadrifor, for which we have organized seminars on business and cultural awareness tipocs.


We work with a team of about 50 certified professionals, who are able to guarantee and deliver high quality standards services. We offer different types of translation and interpreting services, which also include Corporate Hosting, when the need of the client goes beyond just the interpretation service, and SOS Language on Demand, a real ad-hoc linguistic assistance: face-to-face, by email or by phone.

We can translate texts of any type: commercial, technical, legal, medical and intended for any use, including the web, in all the main EU and Extra-EU language combinations. Our translators also currently use up-to-date CAT Tools (Computer Assisted Translation), with a precise and timely revision of the final text.


In an increasingly GLOBAL market, the ability to interact, even at high levels, or present effective content in one or more foreign languages, offline or online, can make the difference in terms of image, brand solidity, perception of professionalism and safety. All this has a 360 ° positive effect on company growth.

We support companies on a successful path towards Internationalization, both internally, with the study of the perfect training for manager and employees who need to learn or improve the knowledge of a foreign language, and externally, with the translation of the website into all the target languages ​​for the company business and all the useful material (marketing, administrative, etc.) for the foreign customer.


Moving to a new country can be stressful for you and exhausting for your family, and being stressed and worried is the last thing you want when you need to stay focused on all the priorities of your job and your family during the process of relocating and starting a new life in a new country.

We can be your partner in this special moment of your life and ease the entire process. We will be at your side, assisting you all along the way in many different ways: finding a suitable house for you and your family, applying on your behalf for any mandatory or necessary procedure (residence, ID card,  health security card, driving licence conversion, permit of stay renewal, etc.).


We are aware that there are no two identical companies. For this reason that the creation of our training programs starts from a detailed needs analysis based on the study of the sector to which your company belongs, on the operational interactions, the environment, the personnel and your target customers in the present and in the future. This ensures that the chosen training formula is perfectly in line with your needs!

In the same way, no professional is the same as another, each person is different and the professional area is different: an architect, a lawyer, an engineer have different language training needs and their study program will be different.

Even private individuals who wish to study or to improve the knowledge of a foreign language, will do that for many different reasons: for personal interest, to travel independently, to interact socially, for a planned transfer abroad or for many other reasons. 

We listen to your reasons, we analyze your needs and your goals and we study the most suitable path to achieve them!