In an increasingly global and competitive market, Italian companies whose products can be desirable, interesting or highly requested from markets across the Italian border, must seize the opportunity to expand their business abroad as soon as they can. Many companies in various sectors, from the engineering industry, to manufacturing, to the agri-food sector have already started successfully exporting their products abroad for several years and, for example, the agri-food trend is constantly growing year over a year since a decade.

Learning to understand and appropriately approach foreign markets and export products according to current regulations means to internationalize your company and this involves dealing with issues of a different type, from linguistic to strictly commercial and administrative ones.

Languages at Work can support the client in the process of internationalization, in the whole linguistic and cultural awareness sphere, dealing with:

  • TRANSLATIONS of texts of any kind (technical, commercial, scientific, medical, etc.), including all the texts of the company website or corporate and product communication materials.
  • LANGUAGE COURSES of all types for company's managerial or clerical staff, who need or will need to use the foreign language to maintain business relations with other countries/markets, including business English courses, full immersion lessons or courses aimed at acquiring specific skills (writing email, telephoning, giving presentations, introducing your company to foreign partners, etc.)
  • WORKSHOPS and SEMINARS of cultural awareness (in Italian or English) aimed at educating the client on the importance of using different approaches in the commercial and/or personal relationship, depending on the culture and language of the partner or client, whom the client needs to meet or to do business with.
  • INTERPRETING and CORPORATE HOSTING, professional services with highly qualified personnel to accompany and assist the foreign clients during their visit at the Italian company headquarters or production site, during a fair, an event or for other reasons.
  • SOS LANGUAGE ON DEMAND, ad hoc services to solve various types of linguistic emergencies, supported by a professional by email or by telephone.


Internationalizing your company certainly means being able to speak, read, write and deal in English or in the language of the market of interest, but not only that.

There are administrative, commercial, customs, tax matters and issues whose knowledge and application is essential if you want to open new business channels abroad.

Through our partner TradeCube, formed by highly qualified professionals with 20 years experience in the field of foreign trade issues, Languages at Work can offer their clients a real opportunity to grow their business abroad.

TradeCube offers innovative consulting services on all the administrative-fiscal, commercial, customs and human resource management aspects for the company that wants to export its products abroad without incurring potential disputes or situations of "involuntary" wrongdoing, due to the lack of knowledge of the issues related to foreign trade.

Some of the services offered by TradeCube:

  • CUSTOMS CONSULTING, knowledge of the rules of the customs system can make it possible to improve the company's competitiveness on foreign markets.
  • TRANSNATIONAL POSTING or TRANSFER of the workers on the move; an Italian worker who has to go abroad for job reasons on behalf of his company, even for a few days, is subject to various types of  bureaucratic requirements and needs to be compliant with the host country's legal, safety and remuneration conditions. Not knowing these aspects, can create unnecessary waste of time and productivity.
  • PAYMENTS and extra and intra-EU VAT, identification of the most appropriate payment methods and insurance coverage; evaluation of the various cases concerning the VAT payment or exemption from VAT.
  • TRAINING and TUTORING aimed at correctly managing the whole commercial activity towards foreign markets, to foster a steady commercial development.
  • COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES in the digital world; abroad, more than in Italy, communication is unbalanced towards the digital world, therefore developing an appropriate integrated communication strategy that includes the digital world, is vital for the foreign trade.
  • 360 ° BUSINESS CONSULTANCY to allow the company to grow abroad in safety and transparency.

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