THE 5 Ws

European day of languages
26 September 2017
Africa speaks English
7 October 2017

We are asked many questions about our courses. Some are more common than others and can be summed up with the 5 Ws!

Why should I study a foreign language?

Nowadays, there are thousands of reasons to do so and even one not to!

For work, personal interest, to obtain an international certificate or simply for the satisfaction of being able to fluently order a meal in a restaurant in London or Paris!

When should I start studying?

Any time is right to start studying or perfecting a foreign language. Regardless of whether you require the language for work or for personal interest, our teaching method is tailored to your actual needs, taking your starting point and the objectives you want to achieve into account.

Where can I study?

Directly at your place of work, in a classroom, over the phone, in a combination of face-to-face lessons with your teacher and self-study sessions. Everywhere is right; studying the foreign language must strike a happy balance with your work and personal commitments. We find and create the best solution for your needs.

Face-to-face time with a teacher is important but it can be conveniently alternated with self-paced study sessions and lessons over the telephone or online using appropriate learning material.

What will I learn?

A traditional foreign language course follows a predetermined programme using a text book, page after page, from the beginning to the end. But maybe what you have already learnt of a language or the way you learnt it is not sufficient for your work or your goals. We will teach you exactly what you need, according to your real necessities. Is selling your goal? Do you need to present your company and services? We will equip you with the language tools to do so, for effective, long-lasting results.

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are native speakers or perfectly bilingual experts who have been working for many years in language teaching in business and professional settings. They nearly all have prior job experiences in areas other than teaching and perfectly understand the foreign language study requirements of who needs it for work. One of our teachers is a former editor-in-chief of a scientific magazine, while another used to be a fashion house manager.

Now that you know the 5 Ws what are you waiting for? Invest in language training, invest in your future!