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29 January 2019
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11 April 2019

Every year in Italy, through the compulsory declaration that any employer of the private sector is required to send monthly to INPS, millions of euros are set aside also to finance training, but the vast majority of companies don’t take advantage of this occasion and the main reason is that they do not know that they can benefit from this opportunity easily and practically free!

The first thing to do?

Register your company, for free, to an Interprofessional Fund. In Italy there are several of them, for instance the best-known: Fondimpresa, Forte and Fondir; but there are also Funds related to specific sectors such as banks, insurance, crafts and tourism. Here’s a list.

From the very moment a company signs up for a Fund, the amount of money required by law for training that is transferred directly to INPS from year to year (i.e: the 0,3% of the total), is set aside on the company account at the chosen Fund, becoming a treasure to which the company can draw on to fund courses of any kind when in need of them.

The recipients of the funded training activity can be all the employees of a company, employed on a fixed-term or permanent basis: workers, employees, middle managers and managers. So, no one is excluded!

How can a company obtain funding?

1. Directly: using their own resources set aside. The more a company has employees, the more the cash accumulating in their account at the Fund is great, but we can safely say that even a small company, say with 8/10 employees, enrolled at a Fund at the beginning of the year, will have already accumulated enough money at the end year, to present a small training project to be successfully financed.

2. By joining a funding opportunity announcement: every year several announcements related to the opportunity to access free funding for training projects are issued and the Fund chosen by the company will not fail to announce it, so that every company will be able to understand if the specific opportunity is right for their needs. If so, the company can answer the announcement and present its project. If the plan is accepted, the training will be financed through the funds granted to the project, therefore not even touching the treasure put aside by the company at the Fund!

How is the project presented?

Through certified companies, accredited by the Funds, which deal with the management and reporting of the project and act as an intermediary between the company and the Fund. At the end of the training project, these companies will receive the payment of a fee, which in any case is not burdensome for the entire training project.

A few numbers to make you realize what we are talking about.

Fondimpresa, which is the n. 1 among Interprofessional Funds by the number of workers in activity, announced that, starting from 2007, these are the figures on the companies followed, the workers who have been able to take advantage of the free training and the figures related to funding:

182 thousand member companies

4.5 million workers (98.5% of them from SMEs)

€ 2.8 billion in funding (both through funding opportunities and direct funding to companies through the money saved on their Fund’s account)

Source: Fondimpresa.

The funded training also includes language courses of any kind, workshops and seminars in foreign languages or in Italian, management training and coaching.

A must for a company that already deal with foreign countries or that intends to expand their business outside the Italian borders.

This is the daily bread and butter for Languages ​​at Work! We can create a training project based on the specific needs of each company, alongside the presentation of the project itself, the delivery of the course, the closure of it and reporting.

So… Do not miss the opportunity to fund your language courses, at no expense!