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Nome e Cognome


Please select the correct answer (a, b, c, d).

1) Where ______________ the children from?
2) “ __________________ is your hotel?” “In Bond Street”
3) My husband likes George Clooney’s latest film. He thinks it is _________ best film.
4) “I work for a French company”. “ ___________ speak French ?”
5) John and Mary are my friends. I meet ______________ at weekends.
6) “So your name is Mark Bell and you work in London. _____________________?”
7) “Who’s that man, Jane?” “It’s Paul. He’s _____________ .”
8) Can you go to the supermarket? I haven’t got ______ cheese.
9) I don’t eat _______________ meat
10) How do you spend your summer holidays?
11) Janet is 40 and I am 44. Janet is ______________ than me.
12) They got married _______________ 15th August 2010.
13) “Hello Mark, where are you?” “At home in London. I ___________ dinner now.”
14) Where ____________ your weekends in summer ?
15) Susan __________________________ her brother with homework every evening
16) I don’t like _______________________
17) The party was very interesting. ________ people from all around the world.
18) Last week we _________ to the restaurant for my birthday.
19) ___________ the e-mail yesterday?
20) “Who ________ the World Cup in 2006?” “Italy, of course!”
21) It __________ , so we didn’t need an umbrella.
22) Where _________________ last night? I couldn’t find you.
23) Peter is here. He ___________ .
24) “Is Tom here?” “No, he_______________.”
25) He has big plans for his future. He __________________ a doctor
26) “What are your plans for next Saturday?” “I ____________________ dinner with friends”
27) When ___________________ going to move here?
28) If it ________________________ rain, we’ll have a picnic tomorrow
29) “I’m very hungry.” “___________ you a sandwich”.
30) You are very tired – I think you ________________ go to bed
31) She _______________ come to the party – I’m not sure.
32) “Are you tired? You ___________ finish the project today. The deadline is next week”.
33) I always turn off my phone before __________ to bed.
34) He went to the station _________________.
35) She ________________ a lot of weight. She is only 50 kgs now.
36) I didn’t find him at home as he _______________ to work
37) “Why do you look so satisfied?” “Because _______________ a new job!”
38) They spent € 80,000 euros _________ their wedding reception.
39) Until she ___________ the baby, she will continue to work
40) This is the woman ________________ met yesterday at the party
41) I’m looking for the man ________ car is parked outside.
42) Today there are ________ cars in the city centre than in the past.
43) She’s the student_________ I was talking about.
44) Please stop working – I want ___________
45) I __________ very active, but now I have become lazy.
46) I’d like to come to the cinema with you, but I’ve ______ seen that film.
47) She met John in 2000 and has been married to him ____________ 10 years
48) “I know you like Tom and Pat. How long _____________ them?”
49) “Why are your eyes red?” “___________________ onions”
50) I would go to the gym if I ___________ more free time.
51) He’s worried because last week _______________ some bad news
52) I haven’t seen her for _____________________ , I’ve forgotten what she looks like.
53) I _______________ to post the letter because the post office was already closed.
54) This is the second time he ______________ to visit me
55) My boss ____________________ speak during the meeting.
56) I’d like to know where _______________ for your last holiday
57) “I’ve been waiting here for ages!” “ I’m sorry, I ____________ you, but I didn’t have my mobile with me.”
58) If I had been free last weekend I _________________ to visit you.
59) “I saw the President this morning.” “But he’s in Germany today! You_________ seen him!”
60) ____________ he loves football, he won’t be watching the World Cup matches. They are on TV too late.
61) Despite _______________ the flu, she came to work anyway.
62) He said he wouldn’t come to meeting today __________ he had a cancellation.
63) I wish I _________________ to my best friend – she was right.
64) Tom promised he would stop __________ late to work, but he still comes late every day.
65) I’m sorry, I can’t take you to the airport, because I am ______________