Languages at Work organises language courses in the major European and world languages and in Italian as a foreign or second language.


Everyone who wants to perfect their knowledge of a foreign language and boost their skills, particularly for work.


Our courses aim at providing measurable improvement in foreign language knowledge and skills regardless of the starting level. Particular stress is placed on communication skills, because we believe that languages must be used mainly to interact, on professional and personal levels alike.

Our courses foster

effective learning of
to develop the following language skills

No two people are the same, and for this reason all our courses are built and completed on the basis of your own actual needs. Accordingly, we can focus on verbal fluency, grammatical correctness or development of specific languages skills or other.

Our general-purpose ENGLISH COURSES are those in the highest demand and like all our courses are designed and structured to meet real needs: to learn or improve the language for work or for study, to obtain a certification or for personal interest.


Our courses are available for all levels. Your initial language knowledge will be identified by means of a test and preliminary interview with a teacher. The objective of the course will be to make you achieve a higher level of knowledge of the language, and this will be determined by a final test.

The image by the side shows the levels identified within CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which is an international standard used to describe language skills.

- We have group courses, with up to a recommended maximum of no more than 4-6 participants in each group, and individual courses.
- All lessons are with a teacher (face-to-face, over the telephone or on Skype) using appropriate learning material.
- From 60 to 100 hours are generally needed to go up by one language level.
Our courses are available:
- all year round
- all day long, in evenings and on Saturday mornings
- at your place of business
- in the classroom
- remotely (via Skype or over the telephone)